Huji Cam App Reviews

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Favorite camera app I’ve ever used

I hope HUJI never changes, honestly. I love it.


For small time quick photography. Just get it done and post no edits. It’s an amazing app it adds filters and effects that make the photo look authentic and beautiful.


This app is cool and makes insta pics great!

Something not working

Okay so I’ve tried buying the extra options and it does not let me, all it says is my purchase cannot be completed, and I know I have money in my account


So this app is a absolute lifesaver, I have a automatic filter that I don’t even have to choose it’s so easy! I so recommend this app.


i love this app but it doesn’t work sometimes?? pls fix


This app is great‼️ I love it, they way the camera is shaped and makes it look like a For real old camera!!! To the way it makes the pictures look😂⁉️ but there’s one problem. I’m having trouble finding out how to turn the camera facing you🤷🏼‍♀️💡


I like everything but I just don’t like how you have to pay just to pick a photo in the camrea roll.

Very good app

Very good


I purchased the upgraded app and it is frustrating me. It’ll randomly work when it wants to. I’ll upload a photo from my camera roll and even if I have the “Random light effects” option ON. It’ll develop without light effects. I have to try and upload the same photo 10 plus times for my photo to develop with a light effect. Am I doing something wrong?


Love this app it has the best filters I have tried tons of filter apps and this is my favorite it works great and I hope that tons of people download it,I hope everyone raise has the same experience😀

Please fix!

This app is cool but it’s also stupid because it will not let me make the camera big no matter what I do! 😡


i love this app!! but can anyone tell me if there’s a way to import photos from camera roll to have the huji effect put onto them??

Over good app but...

So I love the quality of HUJI cam but for some reason it never works on my phone. Every time I open the app the camera is black and it never lets me take photos! :(

Really good but...

I love this app, it makes pictures a lot better but then need to make a HUJI video editing app.

I like

It’s pretty dope tbh

Good app, bad glitch

Awesome app, and the filters are great, but there is some glitch on it, where when I press the shutter, it won’t open the camera☹️☹️so pls ty to fix this


Great app super good pictures❤️


At first, all of my friends always use to use this app and be like, it’s awesome you need to get it! So I was like ok I’ll get it, and I never regretted it


I find myself using it more and more lately. Ive purchased the feature that saves to the camera roll automatically. Reasonably priced and works great. Thank you for this app. Please comtinue to update!

good app but...

this is a good app but whenever i get on the app the camera is black and i can’t take photos. :(

5 STARS!!🤩🤩

This app is the best photography app out there!!! It has everything your looking for from nice filters to cool auto editing!! HUJI does all the work for you!!!!

Love, love , love !❤️

I love how this app changes it up every time you take a picture... maybe one way to improve is to make more lighting effects? That’s the only thing I can think of. This is very helpful when you need some more spice to your photo’s and just can’t think of what to do!

amazing plz get.

it’s an amazing app that makes taking selfies w friends or just taking ‘Trendy’ pictures all worth while. definitely worth it!

5 stars

I love the filter and it’s a good app to use

Love it!!

My friend old me about this app and all my other friends downloaded it, I decided to too. When I got it I was a little confused because when you open the app it looks like a film camera, I couldn’t figure out how to click on the small square in the top right corner. My friend showed me and it was easier than I thought. Now that I have HUJI I barely use the camera app apple gave to the iPhone. I absolutely love it! I love when the light reflects off the sun and makes a rainbow on the picture. I highly suggest this app if you don’t have an experience camera and only have the phone camera.

People have said this already but I agree

I would rate this five stars, I REALLY would, but if only there was a way to change filters then I’d absolutely LOVE to give this five stars. I do really like the app and maybe it’s just myself being picky but I think more options for like “different lenses” would be nice as long as it wasn’t overstepping the still vintage look or whatever. (What I mean is, sometimes filters get overwhelming or tiring to pick through so keeping the filters/“lenses” to a small amount would be nice if you guys happen to go that way with this app.) 😁✌️


I love this app so much. It’s so useful

Nothing so good about it!

Camera filter is very good, but can’t enter another picture and edit it less filter etc pls fix Mrs. A

Fix it?

Camera isn’t working and it freezes A LOT

Amazing app!!!

Absolutely amazing app!! 10/10 recommend. I can take legit such a bad picture and it turns out amazing like worthy to post!! So imagine how good it would be if you took a good picture?!! Ya I know😁

I’m so impressed!!

I’m so impressed with Hugo I love it so much! It brings my photos back to life and I love it! Thx🤗

Not as good as they say

I downloaded this app with the hopes of vintage/retro style photos. But after taking two pictures the camera stopped working.... I deleted 3 apps and it still refused work, I deleted HUJI and disabled it again to see if that would help but it did not.😤

App Glitch - Please Fix!

First thing - I love this app so much! It’s my favorite, but recently, whenever I open my Huji App up, it doesn’t allow me to take selfies - the button’s not even an option! It doesn’t show up, and all I can take is photos of front mode (things in front of me). However, it doesn’t change to View Finder Mode even though I’ve toggled it on and off. So, although I can take front mode pictures, I have to look through the tiny camera hole! And it’s been like this for about a week for me, please update the app and fix this bug!


The picture quality is awesome and I love how the date shows!!!!! AWESOME<3

Nice app but

HUJI is a really nice app Nd I love using it to take photos but the thing is dat I accidentally delete the photo instead of importing is if ur reading dis huji deveopers plz make Nd option to recover your photos go me 🙏🏽😭.

Maybe one day

Such a fun idea! I was super excited to try but since I can’t use photos already in my library I’ll stick with other apps 🙁 I’m a true 90s kid and was so excited! Unfortunately I like to pick and choose my photos.

Love it but question!

I love the app. But if you delete the app and redownload it can you get your photos back?

I can’t figure out how to open the camera!!

I love this app, the photos it takes are very good for Instagram or just about any social media platform. I just don’t like how it takes me forever to open the camera. I can’t figure out how to do and, but then I do actually open it; it’s pure luck. Can someone please tell me how? That and how you have to upgrade to put photos in from camera roll is the only thing lacking for me.

Very good

Love this app!!

my camera does not always open so I have struggles on that but over all I think it is a good app

this is my perspective on it so it is an opinion

Hate this

You should be able to add filters on pictures from your Camera roll


I bought this app with my iPhone 7+. I upgraded to the x and downloaded it again with the same account. Yet it won’t allow me to take pictures from my camera roll and process them.


Omg best picture taking app out there! Made my insta photos on fleak looks 10 times better than normal camera photos! 5 stars! Although there should be a tad bit more filters but that’s ok! Love !!

I like it but.....

I really love this app because it gives nice light leaks and the addition of the time stamp is really cool. The only thing I don’t like about this app is that you have to pay in order to put the filters on photos already taken. I know the price to do this is very inexpensive I still don’t want to pay for it. Overall a great app. I highly recommend.

Idk what to think

I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or not, but whenever I open the app or try to edit a photo, everything is black. If I open the camera it’s just a black screen and if i try to open my photo library, nothing comes up.


Umm... this app is really good, I really like it! Can someone show me how to flip the camera...?


i absolutely love this app! it’s great for artsy pictures, or just normal pictures in general! i definitely recommend getting it!

I love this app

I use this app all the time and I love it so much! I use it to take pictures of me and my friends and it is really a great app!

SOOOO good

It just makes everything look so much better

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