Huji Cam App Reviews

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Amazing but ...

This is a good app and I love it the quality and much more. But I think it would be better if you guys can take photos from gallery and edit it in there but besides that evening is amazing


Huji is the best picture app it makes them look so much better my friends and I love this app

So easy

Love the huj it makes u tan goddess in seconds! It’s so easy I showed my teacher and they said this huj is bomb.

Random light leaks, sometimes

Why is it that I can never get a light leak on my photos?! I’ve tried uninstalling and installing app again and again. I tap the toggle for light leaks and still nothing shows on my photos. Yet my friends app will always have a light leak on their photos.


This app has changed my pictures i love it and totally recommend it! It makes your pictures look so cool and adds effects to it based on the lighting it’s so fun and cool! All my friends use it and they love it too!! if i would rate it myself it would be a 💯out of 💯


We should have more control over the light effect. The light effect barely pop up. It photos would look way better if we had way more control over the effect


I love this app!! I think the outcomes of the pictures are amazing .


i like the app i just wish you could import pictures from your camera roll

Camera problem

The camera never works when I press on it so can never see what I’m taking a picture of.

5 star rating

This app is amazing and I highly recommend I’m in love with it!!!!

Editing Developed Photo

Having issues either app or user and cannot edit lighting or any other editing features.

LOVE this app but there's a problem...

Since the time I downloaded this app it doesn't let me switch the camera to the selfie camera and it doesn't let me go into fullscreen mode; there's else wrong.

Filter And date

How come i can’t change the date And there is only one filter automatic with the light On side of the picture it’s 0.99$ but you can’t control it it’s automatic filter with no change of date it will be nice if you give us a more option In this app

Best app

It takes good quality pics in cheap phones


OMG I LOVE THIS APP!!!!It is amazing!!!

So far so good

This is an amazing app and i love it so far, i just have one question and that’s if i do buy the full version is this a one time pay and i will have the full version forever or will i be charged on a monthly basis ?

Amazing Filters and Picture Quality

The filters are amazing! The quality is on point! This app regains my confidence in myself for taking good pictures!! I highly recommend!!


It won’t let me use my back camera but you can let me use my front camera and that’s really hard because I like taking pictures of my back camera

Good app

By far a really great app! I only have one issue; I can’t access the photos I have deleted. I accidentally deleted a really good and special photo that I took. Unfortunately, I did not save the picture to my camera roll beforehand.

Needs more leeway

I like this app a bunch and i think it’s great! But it needs to be able to let you chose the filter so that there isn’t just randomness. The user should be able to customize their photos as they wish. Again, great app!


Wonderful app !

great but

great but a zoom in option would definitely be awesome

Feels like ‘98.

This app gives off such an aesthetic feel. I love taking pictures using this app because just about every pic looks good on it, I’ve made it my theme on Instagram, i absolutely love it.

Good app...

I wish you didn’t have to pay and extra $0.99 to edit photos from your camera roll

Best photo app

This is by far the best photo app in my opinion, the only thing I would say to give it 5 stars is that you can choose photos from your camera role


I would love to have the ability to take videos :)

Best thing in the world

I love this app so much! MOst of my insta pics are from this app!


I’d have given it 5 stars if there was an option to change the entire date to whatever day/month/year you want. Other than that it’s awesome.


This app is so helpful I’ve been looking for a app like this for weeks and my sister recommended it and I love it

camera won’t turn

Why every time I press on the little camera it doesn’t want to turn?


how do you even work this..?

Great but lags

My Huji app lags so I have to keep uninstalling it and reinstalling it because I can’t take pictures plus my button at the bottom disappeared so I can’t put any of the photos I didn’t take on huji into the app to get the date and cool effects.


This app is amazing and works really well I’m surprised! I wish I had known about it sooner!


This is a nice app is it okay to have am option to have the date instead of a filter?

5 stars for sure!!!

I love the app! Used to, I’d always take my pics on Snapchat bc it was so good and I could get cool filters and stuff, but then my mom made me delete it. Then I had to take all my pics on the the regular iPhone camera, and we all know that thing don’t do nothing! So for months I was like going through my camera role trying to edit pictures and stuff and they all looked like crappy doodle bc I didn’t have a good camera. Well, yesterday I was with my friends at the mall and they were all taking pics with HUJI can. And I was like what is that? And they showed me and I loved so I got it. Now I have GREAT quality pictures that make me happy 😂 so big thumbs up and 10 out of 5 for this!!! Thanks 🙏🏻 for whoever created it!!!

Great app

Great app, love the effects, only thing I would change is add the ability to zoom in/out and maybe have less waiting time in between photos. Other than that it’s great :)

Good app

It’s a good but i wish you could import photos without purchasing the restore version

Paid for app but can’t utilize it:/

I think it’s cool! However, I payed for the app and my card was charged, but I’m unable to utilize the full app. It keeps requesting I pay again for full access.


This app is really cool at night with the flash on.:)

so cute !!

this app is so cute !! love it sm !! taking videos would be cool too : )


I’m quite amazed. I shoot on film frequently, but I’ve never seen a lut that looks so much like the real thing. Genuinely blown away and happy with the results. Great great app


How can I get my old pictures I accidentally deleted the app and lost everything 😢

Not very good

It’s a very good app it jut never will go to selfie mode.

Living for it

I love the app!! I just think that it’s not worth $0.99 just to turn photos in your camera roll.. into well Hujicam pictures. That’s the only thing. I don’t know, I just think you should take that into consideration :)

Needs front camera options button

I really wish you could use the front camera and actually see in big screen what you are taking picture of , also it would be nice to be able to use older photos to apply this affect. If so I would so keep it

Too intense!

You need to add a button you can adjust on the side of the screen to go up or down in intensity. I love the light effects and the date stamp... BUT. It makes ALL my photos incredibly orange!! Way WAY too intense. If you could adjust the intensity OR just have the date and light effects with no color distortion, this would be awesome!

Wonderful App

Really great app. But it was confusing how to turn the camera around


is there supposed to be a plus sign at the bottom? please respond back. -unknown app user


i would recommend. it was a little hard to figure out at first but now i like it a lot

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