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huji review

i love this app! it makes all my pictures so unique and creative. i can’t get over this app!😁

Love it !!!


Love it

Just downloaded this app and i love it and I think that while it may not be as convenient as an editor where you can upload an image, it is nostalgic in process and the results are great.


군더더기 없는 디자인에 결과물도 입 댈 거 없이 너무 완벽! But 앨범에 들어갔을때 가로 회전기능이 추가되면 사용하기 더 편할 것 같습니다. 촬영화면을 아날로그틱하게 가로로 쓰시는 분들이 많으실텐데 촬영 후 앨범에 들어가면 아이폰의 회전잠금이 풀려있음에도 세로화면으로 고정이 되어있어서 다시 폰을 세로로 돌려야 하는 번거로움이 있습니다. 이런 작은 부분의 업그레이드가 더 완벽한 앱으로 만들어줄 것이고, 더 많은 유저들을 끌어모을 수 있을거라고 생각합니다. 고려해주세요 부디.. I really want. 😛

Bug Fix asap

I love this app so much but it always glitches and the camera is black. Sometimes I’m not able to take pictures and I thought it was because of low storage. But I have plenty of space. I’ve tried clearing all my recent apps to see if it helped but it doesn’t help. Please fix this soon!

HUJI camera

I love this app! I use it all the time. It’s such a good idea to have the random light effects. It kind of gives it a fun surprise to see how the photo turned out. Very pleased with this. Thank you! :)))


Huji is a terrific app, it’s everything you would expect really. Any picture you take is turned into a beautiful ‘aesthetic’ vintage photo. I’ve taken a lot of photos now and haven’t been disappointed. I was just wondering if they could simply add the filter to a picture already taken in your camera roll even before you got the app, I know it would definitely make my photos have a little “pop”. I would also like to be able to change the date to whatever date I’d like, that would be really cool. Other than those request the app is amazing.

read this

This app is GREAT I loveee how it makes the pictures look BUT all the pictures I want to use are from my camera roll and unfortunately it’s not available for me to do so because it is 99cents. I would make it free Bc I don’t see the point of it. But other wise it is an amazing app!

Huji is amazing💓👌

I love huji so much, definitely better than the normal camera in my opinion. But one thing, I think you guys should add where you can insert a photo instead of having to be there right now. My life isn’t really interesting, so I would like if you can insert photos from your camera roll then it adds the time stamps and effects. I think you guys should add that, I’ll definitely be willing to pay for it!



LOVED before it was cool

i found this app a long time ago and i absolutely love it!! i love film but can’t afford to do it anymore, so this is almost just like the real thing! loved this app before everyone else had it! ❤️

you should...

i love huji it’s a wonderful app but i think the creator should come out with a huji video or make it so you could put the filter on videos !

AMAZING!!!! but...

OMG I LOVE THIS APP! it is so cute and rlly awesome, there are only two things that make me rlly mad. first, my friends and i have all had this problem where the app closes out whenever we try and take a picture. this starts a few months after getting the app. and here is the second problem, i had to uninstall and reinstall the app, but when i did it, it lost all my pictures! not cool! please fix these problems asap

Blacking out my camera app

When I first downloaded this app it caused my camera app to stay black every time I opened my camera, I got a new phone and everything because I couldn’t figure out why it happened. Then I downloaded this app on my new phone AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED. I couldn’t fix my camera app until I deleted the app.

It makes photos look great

Both my friend and I have the same photo app but she has the iPhone X. Her developing time is almost instantaneous for both the selfie camera and the regular. My iPhone is the 5 and the selfie camera is fast but the regular camera takes forever. Because of this I cannot take as many good candid photos. Please update this because this is a great app


It worked well but then it suddenly stopped working I don’t know why

Problem with opening the camera

Wen I wanna make t full screen to go to the camera so i can see the picture I’m taking it doesn’t let me go to it it doesn’t let me tap on it

Good but

It would be better if you didn’t have to buy the extra stuff just to export from camera roll...


I like this app a lot it’s great, it has great filters and everything but... we can’t press on the screen to focus when it’s too bright! And I would love to pick my own filter instead of the giving it it’s own. Other than that it’s pretty good

I love the filter

And effects

Amazing but there are some cons

I downloaded this since everyone has been using this app to do the vintage filter BUT as i went to use it the camera just turned black! i still can’t use the camera and i’ve tried everything they have suggested. I love this app but mine appears to be broken :(

Amazing but....

I love this app so much! It takes amazing photos and gives them the complete vintage vibe! But I do have one small suggestion. I really want to take a video with it! It would look so cute and vintage as a video! Other than that I’m in love with this app!

any way I can get my deleted photos back?!

Was selecting photos to send to a friend, however when they were all selected- i accidentally hit the trash icon. PLEASE MAKE A WAY TO GET MY PHOTOS BACK!!!

Great app, one suggestion

I really do love this app because it really gives the vintage look to your photos. The only suggestion I have is to save the photos both with and without the filter, just in case you like the photo but not the way the filter turned out. True, the whole point of the filter is to give it the vintage effect, but sometimes it just doesn’t turn out the way you really expected it to. Overall, however, it’s a really fun app and super popular among myself and my friends.

Love This So Much!

App is simple and easy to use. Very pleased with the results of the photos. 👌


It’s so cute and I actually love the idea behind it !


I love it. It works amazingly

You have to pay to use the photos from your camera roll

I heard about this app from a YouTube influencer and thought it would be great...not. To be able to use your photos that you have taken with your normal camera you have to buy add ons for 0.99. That’s not it, you also can choose what edits you want on your photos, you select the photos from your camera roll and they put random edits on your photos. I recommend InstaSize for editing your photos but you have to pay 5.99 but that’s for everything and there are lots of great features and you don’t have to pay for using your own photos.

Had it for 5 minutes and I already love it.

It’s amazing, the only thing I noticed that was in one of my pictures, there wasn’t a date stamp, but the filters are amazing. If you don’t know how to change the way you see the photo before you take it, go to lab, the three lines at the top middle, and then turn on view touch finder, then go back to the camera and tap on the little peep hole at the top to enlarge it.

Love it but

I really love the app and the filters (I have 99cents version)but if I want to make a photo vintage it make it whit some kinda different colors I love it bt....

Importing pics

Found out how to import pics. Love the app.


This is so nice. I love it and use it so much


I absolutely love this app. I recommend it. It makes all my pictures unique, amazing, and colorful. You should definitely try it!

Love it!!

I love the HUJI app it’s amazing it makes original photos look bomb!


i love this app so much. it makes me feel tumblr

Ive never had this issue

UNTIL NOW the app keeps crashing on me & ive been wanting to use it but none of my pictures are even saving, am I the only one having this issue? /:

Love the look but not for me, needs improvement

I adore the look but this is only good if you like dark, saturated, high contrast photos. I paid $1 to import pics. But what I don’t like is not being able to choose filters. Random is ok but I’d like more control over it. I don’t think I’ll be using this till we can choose our filters, or atleast basic aspects like the intensity of the filter.


It’s really cool but I wish that you could get back the pics that you Accidentally deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some glitches and necessary features missing

Every time I open the app, I have to force close and reopen it a few times because the opening screen stays on and I can't see what I'm taking a picture of in the small square in the upper left corner. I also would like to be able to upload pictures.

Great except for bug

The effect on photos is beautiful, but when I scroll through my photos to import one, it “snaps” to the top of the roll and I can’t access any beyond a certain point.


I really love this app and I recommend it to anyone that loves to take nice “asthetic” pictures, and I also want to say that the filters are great and I just l love every thing about this app

Love this app, but!

I really want to be able to edit videos with this app but I can’t. Please make some improvements to allow this!

I love it but.....

I love this app dearly and use it a lot, i just wish i could import photos. It would make it sooooooooo much better. I paid for the upgraded version and I thought it had that feature. I think it would be cool if you added it or i’m just blind. Anyways really love the app!

Great photos 👍

I think this app is really great and takes great photos for free. Of course there are some purchases but it’s still a great app to get.

Great, Fun App. Want to upload my own pics

I heard about this app through social media. It’s fun and all but I wish I could upload my own pics, it’d be 100x more fun. Still a heat app though. :)


I’ve been taking pictures everywhere I go! It’s amazing!! Download because you’re missing out!

So cool but glitches

I love this app, I’d prefer to use it over my actually iPhone camera but most the time it crashes or my camera is just black and won’t change forcing me to delete and redownload. Hopefully and update will fix these bugs because I love this!



Awesome Surprise Filters

I think I really enjoy this app the most because you don’t know how your photo is going to turn out. You may get a rainbow light effect or a pink strip, it’s totally uncalled for. The vintage look is such a great look for certain photos, and this app does a great job giving it the feel. I know there’s more to come with this app and I’m very excited to see what else they come up with. It’s worth paying the extra to be able to edit older photos for sureeeee.


I really love this app however every time I go to the app, all I see is a green screen and I always try to click on the tiny lens thing since that’s how people usually get to the camera but it doesn’t work. Just like today, I have clicked it like hundred times already and it won’t work.

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