Huji Cam App Reviews

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i absolutely adore this app! i love how the camera makes a vintage look. the colors make each picture have more character. i definitely recommend using this app for good vintage quality pictures. 💚🧡❤️🖤

No full camera

It takes great pics, but it wouldn’t let me make the camera full screen most of the time. No matter how long I tried to make the camera full screen it wouldn’t work.


I don’t like all camera apps but i loved this 1 best by farr

Needs and upgrade

Why don’t we have control over the filter that gets applied? I paid money to have to sit there and upload the same image like 30 times before I get the flare effect that I like. And most of the time, a flare doesn’t even go on the image! Please make this app more user friendly.


I accidentally deleted a photo I love. I meant to save it and I accidentally deleted it. Is there any way I can un delete it?


Love this app sups cutes magots

Needs ability to focus and zoom

The app is great but sometimes in different lighting conditions I need to focus on certain subject and this app does not allow that.

Shutter Glitch

I love the filter that this app adds to my pictures! My only problem is that when I want to take a selfie or enlarge the camera screen, I tap the shutter and it does not respond. It would also be really cool if this app could add filters to pictures in my photo gallery

Support Real 35mm film .

If you like the look that this app tries to replicate . Go out and shoot film on a real film camera , and enjoy The elements that make shooting film so Amazing , not this tom foolery


I love this app so much it makes everything look prettier. There is no reason to hate it.

Great App!

This app is really great! I personally love the filter, it is based in 1998.

Love but ..

I really like this app, but is there no way to see the picture I’m trying to take any bigger? Or what about a front camera way to use it? I haven’t upgraded yet cause of these reasons.

I love this app, but have one suggestion!

I absolutely love Huji cam! It's inspired me to do so many retro photoshoots! I just wish that it would allow me to select multiple photos at once to save to my camera roll. Right now, it only lets me select multiple photos in order to delete them, but it would be convenient if it also let me save many at once that way. Other than that, I love everything about the app! 😄📸

No selfies??

I love this camera, but hate how I can only take pictures with my back camera and I can’t see the picture I’m taking.


It’s cute, but it’s SO HARD TO GET INTO THE LENSE


This app is litty I get take amazing photos of me and my friends!!

Love it

This app is completely amazing I’m love the looks of my photos when I use the app!

Love it, but...

I love this app I’ve been using it for awhile.. but all of a sudden when I take pictures they turn out Black and they don’t load :(

love this app but...

It wont let me go to selfie mode whenever I try to. Otherwise, it makes really aesthetic photos!


I love HUJI and all of the cool effects that it gives your pictures!!

Love the app..but I have a question

I loooove the app!! But im not sure how to get the 99¢ version! Can someone tell me how to access it!?

great app

loveeee the app i just wish i could make an account so then if i long in on another device i could see all the pictures i took :( but lovee the app :)


Honestly, I’m surprised. Most apps like this have no features unless you buy them and I was amazed to see a great app that was free. The paid-for features are a necessity to use the app and that’s great! This is my new Instagram aesthetic!

Very nice!!😀👍🏼

The app (HUJI) is a very good thing to take photos on! I like how it makes it look like the real huji cameras that you can recycle ♻️! So if you are thinking about getting this app you should definitely get it cause it’s worth it!!!!👍🏼👍🏼

Can get back photos you deleted

i love the app and think it’s great. however if you accidentally delete a picture you didn’t want to delete you can’t get it back. definitely recommend

Very cool

Very cool and I love the app but I wish I could pick the “random light effects” sometimes so I didn’t have to develop the photo five hundred times to get the effect I want.


Honestly, this app is pretty good besides when I first got the app, it wouldn’t let me see what my pictures looked like. After some arrangements, it started working and I LOVE this app. I would totally download

It’s good but...

I don’t know how to do the filters! Please help me. Other than that it’s pretty good!

I like it💛

It’s super❤️💛I LOVE the effect & the ‘98 vibes🙈💛after all its great ❤️ 💯 recommend


I love the great quality of the pictures and everything about the app😍😍❤️❤️

Great app, but....

Don’t get me wrong, I love this app! I can take a picture of practically anything and it will become super aesthetic. It takes me about 20 tried to get the camera into full mode. I can’t see the pictures that I’m taking, so some of the time I don’t even capture what I’m trying to capture. Please fix this.


Every time I take a picture it just closes the app out every time and it’s annoying me

Suggestion on something to add.

I love this app, but I feel like you should add something. This may already be in the app, but if it is I can’t find it. I feel that we should be able to import pictures from our normal cameras. It would be really nice because I have tons of pictures on my phone I would love to use! I hope you take this into consideration and thanks in advance.

Shouldn’t have to pay

I love the filter and app but i don’t think you should have to pay to import other pictures


I the camera needs to be able to switch views


i love the lens flares it gives they are so unique! i have no complaints. the app works well no ads or anything!


I love it, the camera effects are better when you put flash on. Other than that I love it.

Amazing app

This app is amazing. So I have an old phone so my camera is not the greatest so my friend told me about it and right after I got the app and it changed my life the camera is just amazing, but I wish you could put in some stuff like stickers or maybe the person can change the lighting of they wanted to, but it is an awesome app.

huji gives me life omf

huji, thank you, you make me look.. not ugly. lol yea its a good app, get it now!

Overall good app

Should have a flipped camera option, and a bigger space to see what ur taking a picture of! Also a time!

Great App!

App is great! I really like the effects and the dates on the side makes it look real vintage. There are some things you should add tho. Like a way to use a photo you already have in your gallery and choose whatever effect you’d like. Also maybe a recording function?


This app can transform any old pictures into masterpieces that you will want to post on all social media outlet.

love this app!!

this app is great. i use huji to edit almost all of my photos!!

Very angry but it’s a good app

I just accidentally deleted the app and everything is gone I also payed extra for the extended version and I lost all of it I think there should be accounts or somthing cause I can’t get any of the pictures back or anything so now I have no pictures on my phone of anything. But other than that I love this app so this is not bashing it I just think if you delete it it shouldn’t delete anything or at least keep your subscription.

Edit pics that you have in your phone already

Its cool but, it will be better if you could take normal pics of your gallery and edit automatically


As much as I like this app I wish you could import photos for free....

Can’t access paid features

Hi, I’ve paid the $0.99 for the paid options but I cannot access the features. After payment it remains on the same page that showcases the paid features. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app and also restarted my phone. Please fix this! Thanks.

Pretty good

I love the app and the filters but it takes forever to load so I’m almost never able to take the photos!


The camera seems to not want to show up on my screen. And I don’t know how to fix it. Complete TRASH.!!!


i would like to see what i’m taking a photo of before i take it instead of going in blind

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