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Make Phone/Digital photos look like FILM (HUJI CAM app) - 2017

Make Phone photos look like FILM (HUJI CAM app) HUJI CAM is a free app Phone used: iPhone 6s iPhone iOS app October 2017 Update: Upon checking, Huji Cam is currently not available on android devices.

iPhone vs Diposable Camera Round 2!! Fuji Disposable Camera vs Huji App!

You've wanted a rematch, you get a rematch! This is our iPhone vs Disposable Camera ROUND 2! This time we're using the Fuji QuickSnap Flash 400 disposable camera VS the Huji App! BUY Fuji...

5 Best Camera Apps iOS (2017)

iPhone Camera apps are plentiful, but what is the right iOS Camera app for you? Well in this video we take a look at the best camera apps from our experience, all of which are available in...


go down :) . . . . . . . . these apps are not sponsored and i dont own any of the photos above :) . . i hope you enjoy and find this video helpful as possible :) these are alternative and...

Huji Cam

An app test on Huji Cam on iPhone 6 cracked camera. (Music by Kevin Macleod, "Garden Music".)

iPhone vs Disposable Camera | Gudak app & Kodak FunSaver Disposable Camera

BUY a Kodak FunSaver here: A few months ago a new app called Gudak was released. It's supposed to imitate the photos from a disposable camera, namely the Kodak FunSaver....

Vlog # 47: Gudak App


Testing and REVIEWING Huji app. (35mm Film App) Here is the link - MUSIC: Their Story, Them Seeing by Puddle Of Infinity. Enjoy the...

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Top 5 Camera Apps for iOS - Edit Photos Like a Pro

Apple's iPhones take some impressive pictures, and they get better every year. Even though Apple has refused to go above the 8-megapixel threshold, the company's smartphones—going back...

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